Paul George said he felt a "big difference" between last year's bubble and this season from a "headspace standpoint" going into the playoffs.

"Well I think this year it's been easier because I have outlets ... I can spend time with my family, I can interact with other people outside of this team. And so that alone has just been a big difference to be back to some normalcy.

"It's a big difference from the bubble life to where I'm at now from a headspace standpoint," said George on Thursday.

George added that his performance in last year's bubble also motivated him to come back stronger this season. George is averaging 23.3 points and 6.6 rebounds on the year.

Marcus Morris also noted the difference in energy between the last two years. 

"Whole different team, different coaching staff. Energy's a lot better. The camaraderie's a lot better. Everybody wants to be here. Everybody is playing their role the right way and we all have one goal and we are all committed to it."