Draymond Green said that the Golden State Warriors were "a ways away" from winning the title, but could be on the right path with some tweaks to the roster.

"We're not in the playoffs, so we're a ways away ... so we got a ways to go because we're not in the playoffs -- so we're far away. Because in order to win a championship, you got to be in the playoffs. So we're clearly a ways away -- a few tweaks here and there, and we're not that far. But right now we're a ways away because we're not in the playoffs," said Green following the Warriors' 117-112 loss to the Grizzlies in the play-in game.

Steve Kerr echoed Green's disappointment, though added that the team could build upon this season.

"The ball just didn't go our way, but we've had a lot of great breaks over here over the years and a lot of bad ones the last couple years, with injuries especially. All in all you have to look at this season as a success and something to build on," said Kerr.

Steph Curry finished with 39 points on Friday night, though also had seven turnovers. 

The Warriors turned the ball over 41 teams over their two play-in games.