The Denver Nuggets lost 115-95 to the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 4, with the series now even 2-2.

Michael Malone hit out at his team's lack of urgency in the game.

"Our starters were awful," Malone said after the game. "I thought we had some guys that were tentative, that looked a little scared, who played soft ... we're going to have to be a lot better going home."

The Nuggets' starters were outscored 49-26 while shooting just 30% from the field.

The Blazers also shot 65% from the field against the Nuggets starters.

The Nuggets held Damian Lillard to one field goal in 31 minutes, though Malone did not want to take credit for his struggles.

"There's no silver linings when you get your ass kicked in a playoff game. I can't believe we're actually talking about playing hard in a playoff game. That should be a given."