Kevin Durant has never been to therapy but he revealed he meditates constantly. While Durant says he doesn't formally mediate, he feels like he does it every day by doing normal things. 

Durant is described by Sam Anderson of The New York Times as "radically open" and that "he walks around in his fame like a raw nerve."

“There’s a lot of stuff that we get distracted by, or we chasing, to make us feel a certain way,” Durant said. “When it’s really basic. We should just be experiencing everything as human beings, as much as we can. Being normal amongst each other.”

Durant's relationship with his phone and social media is one of the most scrutinized of any celebrity. 

On Durant's lock screen, he has a picture of a desert nomad, alone at night, riding a camel.

“That’s all of us walking in the desert by ourselves sometimes,” Durant said.

Durant was asked if his brain exploded every time he opened Twitter.

“Because I’m a very centered, balanced person,” he said after indicating that his brain doesn't explode. “I understand why these people are doing this. If I didn’t understand, then I probably would go crazy.”