Steve Kerr believes the career arcs of Stephen Curry and James Wiseman are not necessarily in conflict for the Golden State Warriors. If the Warriors are to acquire another All-Star via trade, they would likely need to include Wiseman in the package.

“The thing that everybody is going to talk about is Steph’s timeline,” Kerr said on Tim Kawakami's podcast earlier this week. “And I understand that. That’s a legitimate concern. But what I would say is I think James is going to help us win games next year. And it’s OK if he’s not playing 30 minutes. Because we can win games with (Kevon) Looney on the floor. We can win games with Draymond (Green) playing the five.

“I think this is all really a good way for us to be good in the next couple years and solidify an important position at the center spot for the next decade as well. Those things are not mutually exclusive. We can do both. It’s just everyone’s sort of in this panic, ‘You’ve got to take advantage of Steph’s timeline!’ Which I understand. But it’s just not that simple.”