Paul George was taunted by the Utah Jazz crowd with "Playoff P" and "overrated" chants during the Los Angeles Clippers' Game 1 loss.

George has no issue with the taunts. 

"I like it," George said. "That part doesn't get to me. It's all respect. I've had good games here and I've had bad games here."

He added: "That's part of this game, to be honest. Crowd's going to be involved. You want that. As an opposing player, you kind of want that."

George shot 4-for-17 for the game, but scored 13 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter. 

"Fact of the matter is, I didn't shoot the ball well," George said. "I thought I was indecisive on my approach. But I will be a little bit better on taking the shots that I want."


George is prepared to take advantage of the midrange space Rudy Gobert allows as the series progresses.

"The big fella is really good at just clogging the paint up and just sitting at the rim," George said of Gobert. "And a lot of plays I was just forcing myself trying to get to the basket where he's there waiting for me. So I think just being decisive on approach of setting up, getting the shots that I want while he's in those coverages."