Haralabos Voulgaris has become the most influential voice within the Dallas Mavericks since he was hired in 2018 with a title of director of quantitative research and development, according to reporting from The Athletic.

Voulgaris has either initiated or approved virtually every transaction made over the past two seasons and he has frequently gone as far as scripting the starting lineups and rotations for Rick Carlisle. 

Mark Cuban had sought out Voulgaris’ basketball advice in the years before putting him on the team’s payroll.

As one team source says, “Mark Cuban is the most powerful person in the organization, but whoever he’s listening to is second.”

Voulgaris' personality and decision making has reportedly irritated front office employees over the course of the three seasons since he's been employed. 

Luka Doncic and Voulgaris also have had a strained relationship during their time together with the Mavericks. 

When reached for comment on Monday, Cuban defended Voulgaris’ involvement. “I really like what Bob brings to the table. He does a great job of supporting Rick and the front office with unique data insights.”

Cuban added: “Bob has a great grasp of AI and the opportunities it create for gaining an advantage. Which is important to me. But he isn’t any more influential than any other data source on the team.”

Voulgaris' contract expires this summer and faces an uncertain future with the team after it appeared he'd be more likely to wrest more control from Donnie Nelson.