Jeff Green has joined seven of his 10 teams since the 2014-15 season and his last five contracts were for one year or less and at the minimum rate. Green even signed a 10-day contract during one of those stints.

Green has consistently outperformed those deals, but has been stuck on minimum contracts.

“It confuses me, but it isn’t frustrating,” Green said in a recent interview. “You know, this stuff, that’s out of my control. I go out and just do the work. And I let my agent handle the logistics of the contract terms, but it is confusing to the point of, ‘What else do I need to do to prove that I’m not a minimum guy?’”

Green said that he would like to stay with the Brooklyn Nets past this year.

“I’d love to settle down in one place,” Green said. “There’s Brooklyn. I’d love to settle down in Brooklyn. I’m not too concerned with the N.B.A. record or how many teams. When you think about it, if I was to play 22 years, played on 15 teams, what does that say? It has no teeth behind it.”