Daryl Morey dismissed the narrative that the Philadelphia 76ers have a difficult situation facing them following their elimination in the second round of the playoffs by the Atlanta Hawks.

"A lot of what I'm reading I frankly don't understand," Morey said in an end-of-season virtual news conference Tuesday afternoon. "People [are] saying the Sixers are in a bad situation.

"I don't choose to come here, [coach Doc Rivers] doesn't choose to come here if this is a bad situation. I mean, really 25 or 26 teams in this league would love to be in our situation with an MVP-caliber top player and All-Star, near All-Star, great young players who are signed for the long term, good veterans.

"So, we've got a good foundation. We just have to do better, I have to do better, everyone has to do better."

Morey went out of his way to avoid making any sort of definitive statement either way about the long-term future of Ben Simmons or anyone else currently on Philadelphia's roster.

"We have a very strong group we believe in," Morey said. "None of us can predict the future of what's going to happen in any, in any place. We love what Ben brings, we love what Joel [Embiid] brings, we love what Tobias [Harris] brings; in terms of what's next, we're gonna do what's best for the 76ers to give us the best chance to win the championship with every single player on the roster."