Rick Carlisle expressed his excitement over working with the Indiana Pacers roster during his introductory press conference on Wednesday.

"This is my kind of team. As I look at the roster and as I've talked to all these guys, I have an even greater feeling that it's a group of guys I will have a blast working with," said the 61-year-old. "I like the way they're talking. We're going to find a way to play better defense and we've got to get back to the playoffs."

Carlisle had already been with the Pacers on two prior occasions. He was first an assistant coach under Larry Brown, then was the head coach for four seasons starting in 2003.

Carlisle reached the Eastern Conference finals four times during his prior years with the Pacers.

Carlisle added that he looked forward to working with the Domantas Sabonis-Myles Turner pairing.  

"I think there are ways we can work with their individual games and help them mesh with other guys on the floor. I've talked to both of them about it, and they're open to it. Myles is such an elite rim protector and that's such an important part of the game if you're going to get better defensively. And Domas, as I mentioned earlier, can do so many things."