Damian Lillard said Thursday he'll keep his thoughts on the direction of the Portland Trial Blazers between himself and the franchise.

Lillard went public with his preference for the Blazers to hire either Chauncey Billups or Jason Kidd as head coach.

"Anything that I have to say, I'm going to say directly to [Blazers general manager] Neil [Olshey] and I'm going to address it directly with my team," Lillard said after the third day of Team USA training camp in Las Vegas. "There's really nothing else I have to say about it."

Lillard affirmed he has no intention of wanting to be traded from the Blazers.

"There's a lot of things being said and sometimes words being put in my mouth and I haven't said anything," Lillard said. "If there is something to be said or if I think something or have something to say that I'm going to say it and I'm going to stand on it."