The Phoenix Suns had 17 turnovers in their Game 4 loss, compared to just five for the Milwaukee Bucks. Paul turned the ball over five times, including one at the end of the game.

"It was me," Paul said. "I had five of them. It was bad decision-making."

The Suns had 19 fewer shot attempts due to turnovers and the offensive rebounds secured by Milwaukee. 

"They got a significant amount more shots than us, so for me I got to take care of the ball," Paul continued. "We got 17 turnovers, we shoot the ball too well not to have those opportunities to score."

"The turnovers just crushed us tonight," Monty Williams said of his team's miscues. "When you have that kind of a lead in the fourth, if we can just hold on to the ball and get good possessions, you feel like you can at least hold it there. ... We certainly had a lot of self-inflicted stuff tonight."