Danny Ainge left the Boston Celtics this offseason and he has since been linked with a position with the Utah Jazz. Ainge is a close friend of Utah owner Ryan Smith. The Jazz parted ways with Dennis Lindsey this offseason with Justin Zanik taking over the front office. 

“I want to work again,” Ainge said from the West Coast this past week. “I just don’t want to do the crazy lifestyle that I had for the last 18 years. I have nothing right now. I just got done with a long walk and swim this morning. And taking my wife to tennis. We just got back from spending lots of time with our parents that we haven’t seen since the pandemic started, so we had some good times with our family and there’s nothing on the horizon as I see it. The [Massachusetts] house is for sale but we’re not moving for sure. We’re not certain on that.”

Ainge ran the Celtics since 2003 and was replaced by Brad Stevens.