Henry Abbott of TrueHoop reported on Friday, July 16th that Damian Lillard was planning on requesting a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers in the near future and the reporter offered additional insight in another post just two days before the draft.

During a dinner featuring several of Lillard's Team USA teammates in Las Vegas on Wednesday, July 14th, Lillard "complained most memorably" about his situation. Lillard shared the insight that he thought the situation with the Blazers was getting worse and he was considering demanding a trade with a percentage of 75/25. Lillard estimated that he was 25 percent likely to demand a trade that Friday.

Lillard's comments made their way around the league and eventually to Abbott, who reported the story. Trade offers to the Blazers began to arrive and Lillard spoke to the media Friday evening denying reports that he wanted a trade. But Lillard also expressed how he wanted to see immediate improvement from the Blazers.

Sources tell Abbott that Lillard is willing to forgo paychecks if he decides he wants a trade from the Blazers and the franchise doesn't oblige him. Lillard will also try to influence what team he ends up playing for.