In a taped conversation with Draymond Green, Kevin Durant shed some light on his departure from the Golden State Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets. Green asked Durant, for his own personal sanity, if their argument during a game against the LA Clippers in 2018 drove Durant to leave the Warriors.

Durant answered: "It wasn't the argument. It was the way everybody, Steve Kerr, (Warriors head coach) acted like it didn't happen. Bob Myers (Warriors General Manager) then tried to just discipline you and think that that would put the mask over everything."

Durant went on to explain that he thought it was the first time Golden State had gone through something like that. He also said he would have preferred that the players deal with it and then go about finishing their task of trying to win a championship. Durant stated that after the incident, he felt like everything around the Warriors felt weird.

Green said when the Warriors told him that he would need to apologize to Durant, that he was going to talk to Durant, but that he would keep it between the two of them. Green related that the next day, team officials asked him if he was ready to apologize and he told them that they were going to cause issues for the team. When the Warriors chose to suspend Green, he laughed and said he knew then that the team would have issues. Green then agreed with Durant that things weren't the same after the way the aftermath of the argument was handled.

Green was ultimately suspended without pay for one game. Durant left the Warriors for the Nets that offseason.