Masai Ujiri re-signed with the Toronto Raptors this offseason and multiple sources believes his salary to be in the $15 million per season range.

While there is no ownership arrangement, there are some 'equity-like' elements such as earning bonuses based on revenues or even participating int he growth of the valuation of the franchise over the course of his deal. 

The exact details of Ujiri's deal remain vague even after a press conference this week. It is not known how long Ujiri's deal with the Raptors is for. 

“Forever. Put pressure on Larry [Tanenbaum], here,” Ujiri said when asked. “Forever, man. Forever. No, honestly, I’m not going to put out things there. I’m home, man. This is it. We’re going to try to win the best way that we can. It’s a commitment. I’ve always said that when you make that commitment, you make that commitment. That’s what I said eight years ago. I think we honoured it as a family. And that’s what we intend to do always.”