Allen Iverson has been out of the NBA for more than a decade now. He wants back in and he knows exactly where he wants to be. Iverson wants to work for the Philadelphia 76ers.

In an hour-long conversation with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks, Iverson touched on a lot of topics. The 11-time All-Star said, “I’ve forgotten more basketball than some people know." When asked how he'd like to put that knowledge to use, Iverson said he'd like to work for a team.

When Rooks asked him for specifics on what team he'd like to be with, Iverson didn't hesitate. "I’m a Sixer for life. I got Sixer blood pumping through me. Everybody knows that I want to help that organization", Iverson said. "I’ve been retired, what, 11 years? I don’t know how I’m not a part of that staff, some kind of way."

Iverson went on to say he'd be happy with a consulting job, and that the salary wouldn't even matter.  "I would be the happiest in the world. And the money thing? Ain’t got nothing to do with it," Iverson said. "It’s just me being me, and me being a Sixer and wanting to help."