Kyrie Irving has no plans to get vaccinated despite a mandate requiring him to do so in order to play in home games with the Brooklyn Nets.

"As of right now he's not [playing this season]," said Shams Charania on CNN. "I'm told Kyrie Irving has no plans to get vaccinated."

Charania outlined how there's only three routes available to Irving currently based on his position: sit the entire season, wait for the New York City mandate to be lifted, or be traded. City Hall officials have told Charania there is no plan to lift their mandate.

Irving does want to keep playing and has maintained that he's not anti-vaccine and is instead anti-mandate. Irving, however, didn't get the vaccine even before the mandate came into effect.

The NBA has approximately 20 players who are unvaccinated, but Irving is the only one who is impacted by the decision in terms of being barred from playing in certain games.