Marvin Bagley's agent issued a public statement critical of the Sacramento Kings after it was determined he wouldn't be in the rotation to start the season.

"Sacramento has informed Marvin Bagley he is not in the opening night rotation, which is completely baffling," Jeff Schwartz said in a statement. "It's clear they have no plans for him in the future. And yet, passed on potential deals at last year's deadline and this summer based on 'value.' Instead they chose to bring him back but not to play him, a move completely contradictory to their 'value' argument."

The statement came just short of publicly requesting a trade, but Schwartz has attempted to do that behind the scenes for more than a year.

Luke Walton has elected to play smaller lineups this preseason, mostly to feature three-guard lineups, and it has squeezed Bagley's playing time for the time being.

Begley went second overall in 2018.

"This is a case study in mismanagement by the Kings organization," Schwartz said.