While Bradley Beal has maintained that he plans to remain with the Washington Wizards, his situation continues to be monitored by team executives and opposing players. 

Players even try to recruit him during games.

“Almost every game we play, someone says something,” Beal said.

Beal could leave the Wizards during the 2022 offseason or re-sign on a five-year, $242 million deal.

“It brings you back to college. Which school is the right school? Which team is the right team?” Beal says. “You love the fact that people see your game and would love to play with you. But it’s also tough on the back end, because you have no idea what you want to do.”

Tommy Shepherd replaced Ernie Grunfeld in 2019 and has remade the roster.

“All the things that we’ve talked about two years ago to now, he can judge on the actions, not on the words and promises,” Sheppard says. “We’re going into year three of a plan to be more competitive every year. It’s not a win now. It’s win more.”

“Shep played the hand he was dealt,” Beal said. “He had to clean up some things to shape it the way he wanted to and I’m definitely impressed with it. The way he made moves, he was able to save us without giving up crazy picks or assets to go get what we wanted.”