According to a report from Ethan Sherwood Strauss of Substack, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski has sent out a PowerPoint presentation to potential sources highlighting his reach and influence. The documents contain the ESPN logo on each side, which suggest they were made by the company, but they were actually made by CAA.

The documents include claims like, “he is the undisputed top NBA media talent in the business,” and “His combined reach of 7.0M followers across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is more than every other NBA media personality from the below comp set.”

The report also details a falling apart in Wojnarowski's relationship with his former protege Shams Charania. Wojnarowski and Charania stopped working together in 2017 and are now each other's chief rivals. 

"These days, in conversations with potential sources, Wojnarowski communicates a contempt for Charania, disparaging his character," writes Strauss.