Despite not having Marvin Bagley in the rotation for the start of the season, the Sacramento Kings are in no rush to find a trade for the big man. The Kings told Bagley before the season that he would not be a part of their plans for this season.

That declaration sparked a very direct message from Bagley's agent about Sacramento's mismanagement of his player. Jeff Schwartz said that any lack of development on the part of Bagley is due to the Kings failure to help him improve. Schwartz also suggested that if Bagley isn't a part of the team's plans, that Sacramento should trade him.

The Kings see Bagley's $11.3 million expiring salary as a good piece of salary-matching in potential trades. Thus, despite Bagley wanting to be elsewhere, it's not expected that Sacramento will be making a deal anytime soon. The NBA trade market will open up more fully on December 15, as that's when most free agents signed over the summer can be traded.