The Brooklyn Nets started LaMarcus Aldridge at center instead of Blake Griffin in their win on Wednesday at the Boston Celtics.

Aldridge had previously admitted he had been struggling in his adjustment to a bench role while Griffin hasn't played well to start the season. Griffin has missed an inordinate percentage of his open looks, which has complicated their spacing.

“That’s part of it for sure,” said Steve Nash. “Our spacing has struggled at times and also has hurt our pace a little bit. So we try to find different combinatitons that work and also that style of play. Keep pushing towards an identity. We’re not a team that can just iso and just play slow because we don’t have a ton of shooting out there.

“So if we’re going to play against loaded defenses, it’s going to be hard no matter if your name is Kevin Durant or James Harden. It’s just tough to go one-on-two, one-on-three with that picture. We’ve got to play quick, move the defense, move the help and attack. That’s something we’re still trying to work towards and get there. And that’s an identity and a purpose that’s going to take us a long time to get to. But we’re showing signs and we’re improving and we’re enjoying it.”