Goran Dragic is away from the Toronto Raptors on a team-approved personal leave. If Dragic gets his way, he won't return to the Raptors this season.

If Dragic can get free from Toronto, his preferred destination is the Dallas Mavericks. Dragic would reportedly like to play with fellow Slovenian Luka Doncic. Dragic is also happy to accept a bench role with the Mavericks.

Upon being traded to the Raptors from the Miami Heat this offseason, Dragic expressed his disappointment. The veteran guard initially said he would like to be traded again or waived but walked those comments back. Dragic then reported to the team on-time for training camp.

Dragic has played in just five games for Toronto this season. It's widely expected that Dragic and the Raptors will discuss a buyout of his $19.4 million expiring contract, assuming there isn't a trade by the trade deadline.