Damian Lillard would reportedly like his team to acquire Ben Simmons. Lillard is pushing the franchise to make significant roster changes, even in the wake of Portland firing Neil Olshey.

In the past, the Blazers and Philadelphia 76ers held discussions that involved moving guard C.J. McCollum, a first-round pick and a young player for Simmons. Talks stalled when Philadelphia asked for McCollum and multiple first-round picks and pick swaps.

Olshey was a fervent supporter of McCollum. Olshey considered McCollum to be "his" draft find and had been reluctant to trade the 30-year-old combo guard.

The Trail Blazers organization hopes that firing Olshey serves a reset for the franchise. With uncertainty looming over Lillard's future, there is a thought the team may look to make changes to keep their star committed to Portland.