With the Portland Trail Blazers facing an organizational crossroads, the future of CJ McCollum is uncertain. If the Blazers were to make a major move to continue to build around Damian Lillard, it would almost certainly have to include McCollum. McCollum's biggest advocate, Neil Olshey, was fired last week by the franchise.

McCollum was asked if Lillard's pressure on the front office has strained their relationship. 

“Me and Dame have a good relationship,” McCollum said. “I think when Dame speaks, you hear him. When you hear ‘sources’ and ‘anonymous’, I don’t necessarily know if that is Dame or not, because it’s not Dame putting his name on it. He generally puts his name on things. I know where he stands with me, and he knows where I stand with him. The organization, they need to do what is best for themselves.”

McCollum was also asked where he thinks he stands with Lillard. 

“If he wanted me to leave, I think he would say that,” McCollum said. “He’s not speaking on me behind closed doors because that’s not in his DNA. He’s not built like that. He’s solid, and I know his word is his bond.”