Thaddeus Young has been open in recent weeks that being a part of the rebuilding San Antonio Spurs isn't an ideal situation for him. Young doesn't get regular minutes, as the Spurs prioritize playing younger players. He understands the situation, but he's ready for a role on a contender.

“I don’t mind playing through rebuilds and stuff like that, but the one thing about it is I’m not getting any younger. I’m getting older and at some point, I want to start contending for championships," Young said. "I haven’t been in any situation where I’ve been able to contend for a championship. I want that feeling. I want that aspect of being able to go out there and being able to compete for a championship every single night. That’s the part that I really want to get to.”

In a wide-ranging interview with Yahoo Sports, Young talked about how hard it has been to be healthy but to not play for the first time in his career. Young has his eye on the trade deadline, but said if he's not dealt, a buyout could be a possibility.

Young is in the final season of his contract, with a $14.2 million salary. It's been expected that if the Spurs don't deal Young, a buyout may be possible. San Antonio has worked similar agreements with veterans in the past, including LaMarcus Aldridge last season.