Fred VanVleet missed out on a triple-double in the Toronto Raptors win over the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night. VanVleet wasn't upset about missing out but poked a little fun at the NBA's triple-double king Russell Westbrook postgame.

"My teammates, they're not giving me the Westbrook treatment where they get out of the way and let me go get it. So, I might have to have a talk with them about that."

During his Oklahoma City Thunder days, Westbrook's rebounding numbers were regularly panned as being inflated by his teammates letting him collect boards they should have gotten.

VanVleet laughed and suggested he needs to be more "selfish" when he gets close to a triple-double. The Raptors guard said "I just can't make myself hunt (rebounds) when I get close. It's hard for me being the shortest guy on the court."