Ja Morant made his return to the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night after missing three weeks with a sprained knee. Not all Grizzlies fans were happy to see their star guard back though, following the team's 10-2 record without him.

As Memphis fell to the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder, Morant said he was hurt by remarks from some of the home fans. Angry with losing to a team they beat by an NBA-record 73 points without Morant, fans took those frustrations out on the point guard.

"Even during the game, I was running down the court and I heard some of my fans courtside tell me I need to sit back out," Morant said. "So, I just don’t understand what they wanted to get out of that. I feel like that just makes it worse.”

Morant added that the remarks from Memphis fans stung.

"I’m just frustrated. Normally, y’all have seen it, when anybody says something negative about me, it fuels me.," Morant said. "But, tonight, the remarks from the fans actually hurt. I’m going to do what I normally do and bounce back and I’m very excited for this next game.”

Later Monday evening, Morant took to social media to say he's taking a break from various platforms for a while.