Kyrie Irving will need a week or two to ramp up before making his 21-22 season debut. 

“With Kyrie, I’m not sure, but it’s coming. He’s already been in for eight days or more, so he should be,” Steve Nash said before Monday’s game with the Clippers in Los Angeles. “I’m not sure … how many days right now, but he’s got to be getting close.” 

Irving hasn't played since his June ankle injury, and hasn't practice since camp.

“I’d say probably somewhere between a week and two weeks,” Nash said. “He’s isolating, so that puts another layer to the ramp-up. It’s not like he’s been working out. I’d imagine it’s going to be closer to two weeks once he comes out of protocols. We’ll see how it goes, though, because we have to evaluate him from a physical and performance standpoint, and then a basketball standpoint as well.”