In a wide-ranging interview with Philadelphia radio station 97.5 The Fanatic, Daryl Morey touched on Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the trade deadline. Morey didn't shy away from discussing one specific rumor that was making the rounds this week either.

When asked about the rumor that the Philadelphia 76ers were in discussions to trade Simmons and Tobias Harris to the Sacramento Kings, Morey didn't take the usual tactic of downplaying things.

"I can tell you that for sure there are deals with the Sacramento Kings that I think would work. Will those deals ever happen? I have no idea," Morey said. "Are they just straight deals with the Kings? Probably not. Is it multiple teams? Probably. But for sure there are deals that are possible, that would go over our line."

Morey said the Sixers have talked with "pretty much every team" about Simmons trades. He also said "I can tell you for a fact that nothing's gotten into, at this point, into a range (of being close). And generally, they don't get into a range of a possible deal until you get closer to the deadline."