Damian Lillard has indicated to the Portland Trail Blazers that he would like to be paired with a two-way, rangy wing such as Jerami Grant, Ben Simmons, Aaron Gordon and Jaylen Brown, sources tell Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

The Blazers pursued a trade for Gordon during the 2021 deadline, but the Denver Nuggets successfully acquired him instead.

The Blazers have been linked with a trade for Grant dating back to this year's deadline and again this offseason. Portland's chances of acquiring him, however, took a hit after being unable to secure the first round pick from the New Orleans Pelicans after they reached the playoffs.

The Pistons want either two first round picks or a first rounder and a promising rookie scale contract player such as Patrick Williams. 

The Blazers so far have no desire to trade their own pick, which is currently slated at No. 6.