If there is one thing Chicago, and the state of Illinois, is used to: it’s great springtime pro sports action. The Chicago Bulls are in the NBA playoffs and the Cubs and White Sox are underway in the MLB season. With sports betting having been legalized recently in Illinois, this is a great time to make your first legal wager, and BetMGM IL is ready with a first-time offer that includes a risk-free first bet up to $1,000 using the BetMGM Illinois bonus code REALGM.


You don’t need to live in the state of Illinois to time advantage of this offer. You are eligible for the BetMGM bonus code as long as you are physically present in a state in which BetMGM legally operates.

Some other Illinois sportsbooks make things complicated with their introductory offer. Not at BetMGM Illinois, where if your first bet loses, you get it reimbursed to play again, up to $1,000. And, the best part: It’s not an all-or-nothing thing, unlike with most other sports betting apps.

If your first bet loses, you get five free bets, based on the size of your first wager, up to $1,000. That’s why the BetMGM Illinois bonus code REALGM is one of the best introductory offers we’ve seen in the highly competitive landscape of sports betting. 


How To Sign Up For A BetMGM IL Account

One of the simpler things you can do in life is to sign up for a new account with BetMGM IL, the longtime sportsbook dedicated to allowing sports fans the opportunity to put a little skin in the game with a wager or two.

To qualify for the BetMGM Illinois bonus code REALGM, risk-free first bet up to $1,000, just click the link and suitably fill out some rudimentary personal information via its sports app or website.

Then, make just a minimum $10 deposit and toss in the BetMGM IL bonus code REALGM, and you’ll be all set to make your first real-money bet. It’s easy to utilize the BetMGM Illinois menu of market odds.

Explaining How The BetMGM IL Bonus Code Works

Let’s say you want to put a first bet of $500 on the Bulls to win a playoff game, at odds of +100 or even money. If the Bulls won, you’d win your $500 stake back, plus a profit of $500. If the Bulls lost, however, you’d get $500 worth of free-bet credits put back into your account with the BetMGM Illinois bonus code REALGM.


And here’s the good part: you would get the $500 in free bets dispersed in five tokens of $100 each, to bet any way you want with no odds restrictions within seven days. Some sportsbook promo codes make you play your free bet in one, all-or-nothing proposition. Not at BetMGM IL, where you can mix up your free bets on some real underdogs, with potentially big payouts, and on safer wagers. It’s all up to you.

The maximum you can receive in free-bet tokens is $1,000, or five tokens of $200 each. That makes your first get much less stressful, knowing you’ll have all these free bets in your back pocket in case the first real-money wager loses. The five token apply to any bet $50 or greater. If you wager $49 or less you would receive a single token.

This is a great time for Illinois sports betting enthusiasts to get in the game, and the BetMGM Illinois bonus code REALGM is ready to make it a fun first-time experience.

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