As a first-time bettor with Caesars Sportsbook NY, you’re guaranteed one of two things: you’ll either win your first wager, and all the cash profits that come with it, or you’ll get a second-chance free bet equal to your first amount, up to $1,100, with the Caesars Sportsbook New York promo code REALGMCZR.


It’s first-bet insurance, and it’s wildly popular, among the top sports betting apps, with the betting public. Caesars Sportsbook NY has elevated itself to the top of the New York sportsbook food chain with easy, simple-to-understand introductory offers like these - along with its unmatched generosity with the dollar amount of the insured first bet.

May is one of the best times of the year for sports betting enthusiasts, with the NBA and NHL playoffs ongoing, not to mention the Major League Baseball season in full swing. With the Caesars Sportsbook New York promo code REALGMCZR, you’ll have a wide variety of options to make with you first bet - and remember, it’s insured up to $1,100.

The real beauty of this is that you don’t have to actually live in New York to take advantage of the Caesars Sportsbook promo code. Anyone aged 21 or over is eligible, as long as they qualify and are located in a state in which Caesars Sportsbook operates.


Sign Up Quick, Easy With Caesars Sportsbook NY

To sign up for first-bet insurance up to $1,100 with Caesars Sportsbook NY, you only need to fill out some routine personal information via the app or website and throw in the Caesars Sportsbook New York promo code REALGMCZR.

Once that’s approved, and it should only take a few minutes, you’re ready to make your first real-money wager utilizing any of the wide variety of sports market odds on the Caesars Sportsbook NY menu. 

You can bet as much as you want with your first wager, and it’ll be insured up to $1,100. 


How Caesars Sportsbook NY Promo Code Works

OK, so you’re all set up with a new account at Caesars Sportsbook NY, but you don’t quite know what the odds numbers mean and all that. Here’s a quick primer, let’s say you bet on the Phoenix Suns to win a playoff game, at odds of -200. That means you would have to bet $200 to win a profit of $100. If the Suns had odds of +200, that means you would only have to bet $100 to win a profit of $200. Get it? 

When a team has a minus sign in front of their odds on a game, that means they are the favorite to win. 

So, let’s say you bet $1,100 on the Suns to win a game at odds of -200, with your first bet using the Caesars Sportsbook New York promo code REALGMCZR. A winning bet would pay $1,650 back to you (your $1,100 stake plus a $550 profit). If that’s the result of your first bet, terrific! 

If your bet lost, though, the Caesars Sportsbook NY promo code REALGMCZR would kick in fast. Caesars would place a $1,100 free-bet token into your account, to play any way you want within 14 days, with no odds restrictions. With some sportsbook promo codes, there are onerous odds restrictions with free-bet rewards.


Other online sportsbooks only dish out free-bet rewards up to $500 or $1,000, tops. At Caesars Sportsbook New York, you get just a little more. That’s why Caesars is such a market leader. 

With some sports betting apps, you also have to play free-bet tokens more than once to get any serious profits. That’s time-consuming and plays into the hands of the sportsbook too much. At Caesars Sportsbook NY, you only have to play the free bet once to cash out profits on successful wagers.

With the Caesars Sportsbook NY first-bet insurance up to $1,100, first-time New York customers are treated right - and that’s the way it will stay for the long term.

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