The Golden State Warriors eliminated the Ja Morant-less Memphis Grizzlies after a hard-fought six-game series. That didn't keep Grizzlies wing Dillon Brooks' confidence from overflowing, however.

“They know that we’re going to come every single year,” Brooks said after the season-ending loss in Game 6. “We’re young, and they’re getting old. So, they know we’re coming every single year.”

Stephen Curry seemed amused by Brooks' thoughts.

“He’s said a lot of crazy things,” Curry told The Athletic. “He called himself a dynasty already, so you’ve got to figure. On to the next round. Western Conference finals, we’re back. Let’s goooo!”

Curry's longtime teammate Draymond Green said the young Grizzlies earned his respect.

“That’s a group of young guys who — obviously, you get to the business side of things, and you’ve got to keep that together — but that’s a group of young guys that are hungry," Green said. "They are talented. They are athletic. They got it. You know, it will be good to see their progression over these next few years and where they can take it, because that’s an incredible young team. You know, they can be special. They can be really special.”