Illinois is one of the most sports-loving states in the Union, and the business of sports betting has been gangbusters since the Prairie State accepted its first legal wager in 2020. Right now, new customers of Caesars Sportsbook in Illinois can get first-bet insurance up to $1,100 with the Caesars Sportsbook IL promo code REALGMCZR.


The Chicago Cubs and White Sox are in full swing with their Major League Baseball seasons, so there are plenty of betting opportunities on Illinois top sportsbooks. But fans of the NBA and NHL playoffs have lots of wagering possibilities too, with the games getting bigger in each sport.

As a first-time customer with Caesars Sportsbook Illinois, your first bet is insured up to $1,100. Other sports betting apps just can’t match the generosity of that offer. You’ll either win your first real-money wager or get a free-bet token to play any way you want within 14 days if it doesn’t.

You don’t need to live in Illinois to participate in Caesar Sportsbook promo code, you just need to be in a state in which Caesars Sportsbook currently operates.


How To Sign Up For Caesars Sportsbook IL Promo Code

It’s quick and easy to qualify for this great introductory offer with Caesars Sportsbook IL. Just follow these steps, which should only take a few minutes:

  • You must be 21 or older at the time of registration.
  • Fill out some routine personal information and add in the Caesars Sportsbook IL promo code REALGMCZR.
  • Scan the vast menu of market sports odds on the Caesars Sportsbook Illinois app/website and get ready to make your first real-money wager.

Caesars IL Promo Code Insures Your First Bet

Here’s how the Caesars Sportsbook IL promo code REALGMCZR works: You can bet as much as you want with your first wager, but if it loses, Caesars Sportsbook Illinois will quickly place a free-bet token back into your account, up to $1,100, to bet on anything desired. There are no odds restrictions, which isn’t the case with some other sports betting apps on their free-bet awards. 

Let’s say you bet $500 on the Cubs to win a game, at odds of -200, with your first wager. If it won, you’d win $750 (your $500 stake back, plus a $250 profit).

If the Cubbies lost? Caesars Sportsbook IL would put a $500 free-bet token into your account. You’d have 14 days to bet it on anything you want. The token has no actual cash value, so only the cash profits from a successful free bet are withdrawable to your bank account. 

You only have to play the free-bet token once to cash out profits. With some sportsbook promo codes, you have to play through more than once. The free bet must fully settle before profits can be taken.


Referral Program Puts Money In Your Pocket

As longtime customers of Caesars Sportsbook Illinois know, the iconic sportsbook doesn’t forget about them when the intro offer is over. Right now, with the Caesars Sportsbook IL promo code REALGMCZR, Illinois residents can recruit friends as members and put some free-bet money into their account.

If a friend signs up with Caesars Sportsbook IL with your personal referral code, and makes a minimum $50 deposit, you will receive a $100 free-bet token. You can refer up to 10 friends at a time, for a maximum of $1,000 in free bets.

As Illinois is quickly finding out, Caesars Sportsbook Illinois promo code REALGMCZR is where it’s at in the choice for a favored place to have some fun and place some bets.

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