Since sports betting was legalized in January in New York, the Empire State has done gangbuster business. If there’s anything New Yorkers love, it’s fun and action. Right now, New Yorkers can get their first bet risk-free, up to $1,000, using the BetMGM bonus code NY REALGM.


With this great offer, first-time customers are guaranteed one of two things: they’ll either win their first bet outright, and all the cash profits that come with it, or they’ll get free-bet credits up to $1,000 if the first bet loses.

That makes a first wager so much more of a relaxing experience, and that’s the way it should be. After all, betting does involve risk. But there is no risk using the BetMGM bonus code New York REALGM, which is why BetMGM NY has gotten to the top of the New York sportsbooks.

Even better, you don’t have to live in the state to make use of the BetMGM bonus code, you just need to be in a state in which BetMGM sportsbook operates.

Get Started With BetMGM Bonus Code NY

To qualify for this superb first-time offer, just complete the following steps on the BetMGM NY sports app/website, which should take only a few minutes:

  • Click the link on this page (must be 21 or over).
  • Fill out some perfunctory personal information.
  • Get ready to make your first real-money wager on any of the hundreds of market sports odds listed daily on the BetMGM New York menu.

How The BetMGM Bonus Code NY Beats The Others

Other sports betting apps give free-bet rewards after a losing first wager, but it’s usually on an all-or-nothing, one-time bet. With the BetMGM bonus code NY REALGM, you get five free bets based on the size of your first wager, up to $1,000.


If, say, your first wager was $1,000 on the New York Yankees to win a game but it lost, BetMGM would quickly reimburse your account with five free-bet tokens of $200 each. You can bet those tokens on underdog plays, with big payouts if successful. Or you can play them on more conservative bets, with better odds of profits. With other sports betting apps, you only get one chance at second-chance profits.

If you win your first bet, great! You don’t need the promotion. But it’s nice to know it’s there in case the bet loses. 

Only the profits from successful free bets are withdrawable. You have seven days to play the tokens, but there are no odds restrictions, and you only have to play them once before cashing profits. With some sportsbook promo codes, you have to play free bets more than once to win any serious profits.


Refer A Friend, Get $50 In Free Bets

Longtime customers of BetMGM know that the iconic sports betting brand doesn’t forget about them once the introductory offer is over. There are always new contests and promotions, along with odds boosts and other prop bet deals.

Right now, existing customers can earn a $50 free-bet token for recruiting a friend to sign up for an account with BetMGM. The new customer must make a minimum $50 bet at odds of -200 or better to the existing customer to get the bonus. 

New York is one of the most populated states in the Union, so there should be plenty of people to recruit. With the BetMGM bonus code NY REALGM, everybody is welcome for fun - and profits.

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