Nothing quite spurs people’s competitive drive like playoff action. The NHL and NBA has bettors stepping into player’s skates and shoes, experiencing the elevated combativeness the playoffs are known for. Let BetMGM put your mind at ease on your first bet, as, when you enter the BetMGM bonus code REALGM when signing up, the online sportsbook covers the stake on losing first wagers.


Get in the game and showcase your nose for picking a winning wager. And rest easy knowing you have a buffer on your first bet, with a free do-over wager waiting in the wings should you require it.

That peace of mind is one reason why BetMGM has become one of the best-known sports betting apps.  

BetMGM Bonus Code Favored Amongst Bettors

Betting sites are upping the ante in fomenting and creating sportsbook promos codes and betting app promo codes. To be considered the cream of the crop, an online sportsbook must come up with an awesome welcome offer while ensuring simplicity.


All of the above pertains to the BetMGM $1,000 risk-free welcome promotion. The $1,000 risk-free offer is guaranteed, which some bettors see as a drawback. Others are massive proponents of the risk-free nature of this bonus type. Either way, it’s both easy to understand and simple to redeem. The welcome offer only applies to losing first wagers, something to keep in mind.

The first step to redeem the offer is to sign up for BetMGM. Start by clicking the link provided on this page. Then hit Register on the BetMGM website to sign up. Enter the BetMGM bonus code REALGM to gain access to the offer.

After completing the registration process, deposit no less than $10 and make your first wager. You earn a redemption from the online sportsbook if that wager loses, with BetMGM covering the stake up to a $1,000 maximum.

You have 30 days to make the initial wager and can also redeem the offer by signing up using the mobile app, one of the industry’s most reliable sports betting apps. Make sure to submit the BetMGM bonus code REALGM.


Insure Your Overtime Wagers With BetMGM

Having insurance offers peace of mind, an invaluable intangible when the team you back heads into overtime. With BetMGM’s current overtime insurance offer, you can rest easy when the team you backed on the moneyline goes into the extra frame.

BetMGM covers the stake on losing NBA and NHL overtime wagers. The maximum refund is $25, so you’ll have to cover the difference on any eligible bets exceeding that maximum. The online sportsbook refunds the stake, via a single-free bet token, no more than 24 hours after the bet is settled.

The offer is available until the end of the NBA and NHL playoffs and doesn’t require the BetMGM bonus code REALGM. Bettors have seven days to invest the free-bet token, which cannot be withdrawn. Only the winnings are paid out on the subsequent wager.


Parlay Promotion Offers Up To 40% Bonus

All sports bettors know the inherent difficulty of winning parlays. However, the elation you feel when a parlay pays out is unrivaled in the sports-betting world. Not only does a winning parlay significantly add to your bankroll, it also provides momentum and confidence going into subsequent wagers.

With the ongoing BetMGM parlay bonus, bettors also earn up to a 40% bonus on winning parlays. It’s a substantial bonus, one that will pad your bankroll nicely.

Lock in a four-to-seven-leg accumulator on a same-game parlay and wait for the result. If it’s a winning wager, you’ll receive a profit bonus of between 15 and 40%. The precise amount of the bonus depends on the number of legs. Seven legs garner a 40% bonus; six legs get you 30%; five gets 20% and four-leg parlays earn a 15% supplement. You have to opt-in to partake, but don’t need to enter the BetMGM bonus code REALGM.

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