Speaking on ESPN, Brian Windhorst shared some intel on the Charlotte Hornets plans at the 2022 NBA Draft and during free agency. Windhorst said that that Charlotte is looking to clear some salary obligations and is willing to attach either of their 2022 draft picks to do it.

The player mentioned was Gordon Hayward, who has a $30.1 million salary for next season and is owed $31.5 million in 2023-24. The Hornets may be willing to move either #13 or #15 in the 2022 NBA Draft to get off of Hayward's deal.

The concern for Charlotte seems to be creating some wiggle room to re-sign Miles Bridges. It's been reported that the Hornets have hesitancy on matching a max offer sheet for Bridges in restricted free agency. This mostly seems due to the team's mounting salary obligations, with Hayward's $30 million-plus deal on the books.