Kyrie Irving exercised his option with the Brooklyn Nets for the 22-23 season, which momentarily ends his stand off with the franchise after he was unable to leverage the threat of leaving into a long-term, guaranteed contract. 

"I think it turned down the heat in at least kept the Nets with two star players, with all of their options for next year alive," said Brian Windhorst. "And, boy, was that not what some people, agents and executives thought. They don't think this is over.

"Now, Kyrie tried to make it sound like it was over. 'I'll see you in the fall' sounds like it's over."

Irving didn't inform the Nets of his decision before it was reported by Shams Charania.

"I was told the option pick up came as a total surprise to the Nets," said Windhorst. They found out when everybody else did."

One path available to Irving has been to opt into his contract with the Nets and attempt to be traded at a later date.

"I don't know if anything has changed," said Windhorst. "The people I talk to in the league are skeptical that Kyrie is going to be all for one and one for all on this."