The Brooklyn Nets were expecting a historical return on the trade market for Kevin Durant, but those offers have so far come short of what they would be willing to accept. Due to this stalemate, the Nets have put out their position all week that they're prepared to keep Durant and that might even be their preferred outcome.

"As for Kevin Durant, here's what there is: nothing," said Brian Windhorst of the state of Durant trade talks. "There is no movement here. The executives are leaving Summer League. The executives are going on vacation.

"At this point, the Nets' preferred situation is for Kevin Durant to stay with them. There is no trade they they've got that they like.

"A huge question and what the league is in some ways waiting for is what does Durant feel? He's the one who asked for the trade. Have his feelings changed with some of the avenues for trades dimming?"

Durant requested a trade from the Nets at the start of free agency less than a year after signings an extension with the franchise. The trade request came shortly after the Nets were unable to agree to terms on a long-term contract with Kyrie Irving.

Irving's camp has said he has not requested a trade from the Nets and wants to continue with the franchise even if Durant is traded. 

Zach Lowe also reported this week that he has not heard of any "realistic momentum for a Kevin Durant trade."