The NBA fined Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob for violating the league's policy by publicly discussing collective bargaining talks.

Lacob called the luxury tax system "very unfair" on a recent episode of the Point Forward Podcast hosted by Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner.

The NBA currently forbids owners from "unauthorized communications regarding collective bargaining."

"The truth is, we're only $40 million more than the luxury tax. Now, that's not small but it's not a massive number. We're $200 million over in total because most of that is this incredible penal luxury tax. And what I consider to be unfair and I'm going to say it on this podcast and I hope it gets back to whoever is listening. Obviously, it's self-serving for me to say this, but I think it's a very unfair system because our team is built by ... all top eight players are all drafted by this team," said Lacob on the podcast.

The Warriors paid $171 million in luxury tax this past season, and are projected to pay $181 million next season.