There’s still plenty of baseball to be played before the playoff picture takes shape. The action will intensify as the games become more meaningful, offering the perfect chance to redeem BetMGM’s $1,000 risk-free bet welcome offer. Will the Braves repeat as champions? How about the Yankees or Dodgers? Sign up for BetMGM, apply BetMGM bonus code REALGM and gain immediate access to the $1,000 risk-free bet.


If your first bet loses, you’ll receive a full refund of up to $1,000.

BetMGM Bonus Code Offers Something Different

Like many of the top online sportsbooks, BetMGM offers risk-free bet welcome bonuses. BetMGM, however, distributes the payout differently, providing bettors with four free-bet opportunities if certain conditions are met. Click the link on this page to access one of the most lucrative sportsbook promo codes in the industry.

After clicking the link, apply BetMGM bonus code REALGM during the sign-up process. Deposit no less than $10 and make a qualifying wager. BetMGM reimburses the stake only on first bets that lose. If you want to redeem four free-bet tokens, your first bet must have a stake of $50 or more. BetMGM deposits four free-bet tokens into your account within 24 hours if that bet doesn’t win.

Like all legal online betting sites, you must be at least 21 to sign up and located in a state where BetMGM operates. Bettors have 30 days to make an initial wager. If the losing wager has a stake of $49 or less, the online sportsbook deposits the refund as a single free-bet token.


Insurance on MLB Parlay Losses 

Receiving a parting gift when you lose makes the defeat slightly easier to take. BetMGM refunds the stake on losing four-to-seven-leg MLB parlays. You are only allowed one wayward leg to redeem the offer. If you get all but one leg correct, BetMGM deposits the stake into your account as a single free-bet token within 24 hours on bets up to $25.

BetMGM bonus code REALGM is not applicable for this offer. If you prefer to play while you’re on the move, give the mobile app a try.

You can also sign up on the mobile app. Just remember to enter BetMGM bonus code REALGM.


BetMGM Bonus Code Offers $200 if HR is Hit

Landing on a welcome offer that suits your needs is just as important as deciding which online sportsbook to join. BetMGM has come up with an alternative welcome bonus that might be more to your liking. Click the link on this page, sign up, apply BetMGM bonus code REALGM and deposit no less than $10. Then place a moneyline wager of at least $10 on an MLB game. If either team knocks one out of the park, you’ll receive $200 in site credit within 24 hours.

While the site credit is not guaranteed, you can increase your odds of winning the $200 by picking a moneyline wager that includes two heavy-hitting teams. The $200 site credit is paid out as four equal $50 free-bet tokens, so you can make four free follow-up bets.

The result of your moneyline wager doesn’t matter so long as one team hits a home run. You can only redeem one of the welcome offers and the site credit must be invested on another bet within seven days.