Whether you decide to use Caesar Sportsbook NY’s $1,500 risk-free bet on the Mets, Yankees or someone else, now is the time to sign up and take advantage of one of the best welcome offers around.

Sign up, apply Caesars Sportsbook NY promo code REALGM15 and you’ll gain immediate access to the $1,500 risk-free bet welcome offer.


With both New York-based teams in prime position as the playoffs approach, there is an abundance of high-value betting opportunities.  This offer guarantees a free do-over bet if your first wager loses and remains one of the most generous among the top New York sportsbooks.

Of course, you do not need to live in the Empire State to take advantage of the Caesars Sportsbook promo code, you just have to be in a state in which Caesars Sportsbook operates.


Reasons To Love Caesars Sportsbook NY Promo Code

Caesars Sportsbook NY, like several online sportsbooks, provides bettors with a risk-free bet welcome offer. Unlike most betting sites, Caesars Sportsbook NY offers a uniquely high potential payout. You can earn up to $1,500 in site credit if you follow the following quick and easy steps.

Click the link on this page, sign up and apply Caesars Sportsbook NY promo code REALGM15. After your account is authorized, deposit $10 or more and proceed to your qualifying wager. If that wager doesn’t win, Caesars Sportsbook NY swoops in within 72 hours and covers the stake. It gets reimbursed as a single free-bet token, which you must invest on a subsequent bet within two weeks. To redeem the maximum permitted, you have to stake $1,500 on the qualifying bet.

Bettors have 30 days to make a qualifying wager after signing up and, as is the case with all legal betting sites, you have to be at least 21 years old to create an account.


Caesars Sportsbook NY: Daily Odds Boosts Available

Like most of the top New York sportsbooks, Caesars Sportsbook NY provides daily odds boosts for their users. You have access to the ongoing promotion as long as you’re an existing account holder. If you need to sign up, click the link on this page and apply Caesars Sportsbook NY promo code REALGM15.

Once your account is created, sign in and click the “Boosts” link. Any available odds boosts will show up there. Odds boosts add value to your bet, ensuring a higher payout in the event of a winning wager. You might fancy backing the +100 Mets over the -120 Dodgers. An odds boost would inflate the odds, possibly turning the +100 into +120. If you put a $100 on the wager, the payout increases from $100 to $120.

If, like a growing number of people, you enjoy the convenience and functionality of sports betting apps, try Caesars Sportsbook’s mobile app on for size. It regularly receives plaudits as one of the best in the industry. When you sign up, remember to apply Caesars Sportsbook NY promo code REALGM15.    


Refer 10 Friends And Win $1000

A $100 free-bet token is deposited into your account for each friend you refer to Caesars Sportsbook NY. Complete the following process for 10 friends, all of whom must be located in New York, and Caesars Sportsbook NY pays out $1,000 in site credit.

It’s one of the most lucrative refer-a-friend sportsbook promo codes and betting app promo codes around, so make sure to refer as many friends as possible. Send your friend a bespoke referral link provided by the online sportsbook and make sure they click on it to sign up. Your friend only needs to deposit and wager $50 and the $100 free-bet token will be deposited into your account within a week. You have 30 days to invest the site credit on another bet.

You don’t need to apply Caesars Sportsbook NY promo code REALGM15 to participate. However, mention it to your friend so they can apply it. That way they get access to the $1,500 risk-free bet welcome offer and all other ongoing promos.