Jayson Tatum injured his right shoulder late in the Eastern Conference Finals. That injury continued to bother the Boston Celtics superstar into the NBA Finals. Now, Tatum says the time off he's had over the last month-plus has his shoulder feeling better.

"Yeah, it feels a lot better, it got a lot of time to rest that it needed," Tatum said. "So, it definitely felt a lot better."

Tatum also talked about the need to give himself time to recharge following the Celtics run to the Finals, which came after Tatum played in the Olympics last summer.

"This is a shorter offseason; we played a lot longer. So, you’ve got to always take the proper amount of time off to recharge, and give your body some rest, give your mind some rest, enjoy time with your family, go on vacation, and things like that," Tatum said. "Then, when it’s time to get back in the gym and get your body right, start eating right, change your diet, whatever you feel is necessary to prepare you for next season. Each offseason is a little different."