The NFL preseason is finally here and a slew of games are scheduled this week, beginning on Thursday. The preseason offers fans an early chance to see where each team stands in the lead-up to Week 1 of the regular season. The preseason also presents the perfect opportunity for NFL bettors to redeem a $1,500 risk-free bet welcome offer, using the Caesars Sportsbook promo code REALGM15.


You can redeem the sign-up bonus on any bet you choose up to a maximum possible redemption of $1,500. Just apply Caesars Sportsbook promo code REALGM15 and hit the ground running with one of the best-known sports betting apps.

If your first bet after signing up doesn’t win, Caesars Sportsbook reimburses the entire stake within 72 hours.  

Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code Offers Potential Payout

As far as risk-free bet offers go, Caesars Sportsbook offers the highest potential payout. You can redeem $1,500 by following a few seamless steps. Click the link on this page, apply Caesars Sportsbook promo code REALGM15 while signing up and deposit at least $10.


When you make a qualifying wager, the amount you stake is how much you’re eligible to receive back should your wager lose.

If you wager $1,500 and the bet loses, Caesars Sportsbook deposits that same amount into your account as a single free-bet token. A 1x rollover exists on the site credit, so you must invest all of it on a follow-up bet within two weeks. If your follow-up bet is successful, you can withdraw the winnings.

Profit Boosts Part Of Caesar Sportsbook’s DNA

Few betting sites offer profit boosts as regularly and generously as Caesars Sportsbook. The online sportsbook triggers profit boosts on pre-determined wagers. Profit boosts are popular with sports bettor, as funds are automatically added as a percentage of winnings to successful bets. Sign into your account and locate the bonus drawer and bet slip. That’s where you’ll find any active profit boosts.


The percentage of the profit boosts range widely, but never exceed 70%. Let’s say you receive a 30% profit boost on a winning wager that is supposed to pay out $50. Instead of $50, you’ll receive $65 thanks to the 30% profit boost injection. The funds associated with profit boosts are immediately withdrawable, another massive benefit of the bonus type.

Sports betting apps are quickly turning into bettors’ preferred platform. Caesars Sportsbook’s mobile app can be downloaded on IOS and Android. The highly regarded app offers an enjoyable, streamlined user experience. If you sign up on the mobile app, remember to apply Caesars Sportsbook promo code REALGM15

Caesars Sportsbook Provides Access To $1000

Looking for a relatively easy, stress-free way to increase your bankroll? Caesars Sportsbook has the best refer-a-friend bonus on the market as it doles out a $100 free-bet token for every referral. The online sportsbook permits 10 referrals, so $1,000 in site credit up for grabs.


It’s one of the only sportsbook promo codes and betting app promo codes that is almost wholly dependent on your friends.

They must sign up, deposit and wager at least $50 after clicking on the referral link you send. That will trigger the online sportsbook to deposit a $100 free-bet token into your account within a week. Let your friend know to apply Caesars Sportsbook promo code REALGM15, which will grant guaranteed access to the $1,500 risk-free bet sign-up bonus. Once the site credit hits your account, you have 30 days to invest it on a subsequent pick.

To redeem, you and your friends must be located in the same state. As with all legal online sportsbooks, you must be at least 21 years to create an account.