With the Brooklyn Nets positioning themselves to try to bring back Kevin Durant next season, he raised the pressure on the franchise to trade him by requesting the dismissal of Steve Nash and Sean Marks.

Some around the league thought Durant was on the same path Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers were on in 2007 when the team declined to fulfill his trade request.

"I think even a week ago there was a thought in the league that this could take the same path that the Kobe Bryant trade demand happened in 2007," said Brian Windhorst. "Kobe said 'I'm not going to play another game in a Laker uniform', they couldn't find a trade and they ended up making the Finals the following year. That was the path the Nets were on. Durant has basically said 'That's not going to fly.' At least for today. This situation obviously could change in a month. He's basically said 'I'm not going to go the Kobe path and I'm not just going to accept my situation and hope things eventually change. I still want out of here.'

"When you look at that way, it is the most important thing that's happened here. The status quo is not an option."

Durant has four seasons remaining on his contract with the Nets, which limits his leverage in forcing a trade unless he is prepared to sit out.