NFL preseason games take center stage for the next three weeks, offering football fans a long-awaited sneak peek before the meaningful games commence. Three weeks of preseason action should prepare fans for what lies ahead when the regular season kicks off on Sept. 8. The only thing better than watching an NFL game is seeing it after placing a well-thought-out wager. So, join BetMGM, apply BetMGM bonus code REALGM, and redeem the $1,000 risk-free bet welcome offer.


When you do, an insurance policy applies to your first bet as the online sportsbook covers the entire stake on losing opening wagers up to $1000. That provides a free do-over bet should your qualifying wager lose.    

BetMGM Bonus Code Easy as 1-2-3

The BetMGM sign-up offer has three distinct advantages over the competition. But first, click the link on this page, sign up and apply BetMGM bonus code REALGM to redeem the welcome offer. Next, deposit at least $10 and commit to your qualifying wager.

If it’s more to your liking, download and utilize the BetMGM app, one of the industry's most trusted sports betting apps. But don’t forget to apply the BetMGM bonus code REALGM. The welcome offer pays out up to $1,000.

No. 2, you can earn four follow-up bets should you place a losing opening bet of at least $50. On wagers of $50 or more, BetMGM refunds the stake as four equal free-bet tokens. That facilitates four follow-up bets on the sportsbook’s dime. 

Third, BetMGM boasts the quickest payout speed of all the top sportsbook promo codes and betting app promo codes. Once the wager is settled, you’ll receive the refund within 24 hours. You have seven days to invest the site credit, and on wagers of $49 or less, the refund hits your account as a single free-bet token. 


BetMGM Bonus Code: MLB Parlay Protection

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a four-to-seven-leg parlay by a single errant leg. Getting so close to winning a complex parlay is agonizing as it is temporarily demoralizing. However, BetMGM swoops in like Superman and comes to the rescue, offering refunds on MLB parlays that miss by a single leg. 

The offer only applies to MLB parlays encompassing four to seven legs, and the maximum payout is $25. BetMGM is one of the few top online sportsbooks that dole out refunds on losing bets.

You don't need to use the BetMGM bonus code REALGM for this offer, but, akin to all online sportsbooks, you must be at least 21 and located in a state where BetMGM legally operates. 


BetMGM Bonus Code: Parlay Plus Bonus

BetMGM’s advantageous preoccupation with MLB parlay offers extends to its Parlay Plus bonus. Win a four-to-seven-leg MLB parlay and receive a 15-to-40 percent bonus within 24 hours. The bonus percentage depends entirely on the number of winning legs. 

A winning four-leg MLB parlay pays a 15 percent bonus, while five-leg winners yield 20 percent. The highest bonus percentages, 30 and 40 percent, are reserved for the most challenging parlays, six and seven-leg winners.

You can't access this offer if you haven’t signed up, so click the link on this page and create an account using BetMGM bonus code REALGM. That way, you’ll have full access to the sportsbook’s extended list of bonuses.