While on The Dave Pasch Podcast, Damian Lillard was asked about his future with the Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard was clear when asked if he hopes to be with Portland for his entire career.

“Yes, I do (plan on being a Blazer for life),” Lillard said. “I’ve had my share of people saying ‘Man, you got to get out of there! You’ve got to do this; you’ve got do to that.’ But I’m the type of person that I’m never going to be marching to the beat of nobody else’s drum."

Lillard went on to say he follows his heart. He added that he's loyal to the Trail Blazers organization.

“I’m gonna always do what I feel like is in my best interest and that I really feel in my heart," Lillard said. "I’ve said this on many different occasions, they call it ‘He’s being loyal!’ and ‘Loyalty this, loyalty that’ and I’m like, I’m naturally a loyal person but I do have a level of loyalty to the organization. But this loyalty that they’re talking about is ultimately to who I am as a person. I’m being loyal to who I am and not getting beside myself because I’m somebody that, I believe what I believe.”

Lillard said he knows many think he needs to leave Portland to win a championship. But he believes that he can win at the highest levels with the Trail Blazers.

“I think I can get it done. Now, everybody else might say ‘There’s no way the Blazers will ever win. They need to do this, they need to do that.’ But that’s just not how I feel about the situation," Lillard said. “I feel like we’ll have a chance to win, I feel like that moment is going to come, I feel like that opportunity is going to come. And that’s that.”