Ime Udoka has been suspended for the entire 22-23 season by the Boston Celtics, which has put his future with the franchise and in the league into uncertain territory. 

"Frayed, to say the least," said Adrian Wojnarowski of the current state of the relationship between the Celtics and Udoka. "There is nothing but uncertainty about really whether Ime Udoka will ever coach the Boston Celtics again. Not only is he suspended for the season, but Boston has not committed that he would be back next season.

"This is still a coach who is going to garner interest around the league. The final chapter of his coaching career I don't think has been written. I think there the possibility that there are going to be other teams interested in him, maybe as soon as this season.

"Ime Udoka and Brad Stevens... this was a very close relationship. The suspension has certainly frayed the trust, the relationship there. We'll see if they can rebuild it."

Wojnarowski adds that the Celtics could have fired Udoka, but elected not to as there's still a possibility of him returning next season.